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Big Sue


Posted July 7th, 2014 @ 6:28am

Every Sunday, like millions of others I was a willing couch prisoner for 60 minutes, to catch the latest Game of Thrones episode...Now the old gods and the new have seen it fit to give us a bottle of wine to enjoy the show with!


photo: wines of westeros


Apparently there's a bottle for nearly every house along with the Wildings, Night's Watch and White Walkers...miss me with anything Lannister or Arryn....but I may have to grab a Dothraki and a Tyrell!


The Dothraki Merlot

Approx 7.5 standard goblets

Born to fight and die in the saddle, the word thank-you does not exist. Filled with the desire of the Great Stallion, this wine will fuel your animal instincts and help you woo your Khaleesi.




The Tyrell Chardonnay

Approx 7.5 standard goblets 

Ignore boys who claim to be king and use charm as your weapon of choice. Your garden may be filled with fields of golden flowers – but every rose has its thorns.


photos and wine descriptions taken from Wines of Westeros


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