So Here Are 9 Myths To Help You Celebrate The unofficial 420 Holiday ...Enjoy the earth however that  may be 

1. Marijuana kills brain cellsAfter many decades of back-and-forth studies, recent University of Louisville research has determined that marijuana use does not, in fact, kill off those precious brain cells that keep your noggin humming. This corroborates a 2003 report in the Journal of the International Neuropsychological Society published by Cambridge University making the same claim. Good news for tokers. Bad news for PSA makers.

 2. You can get high from eating raw weedCan you get high from just popping a nug into your mouth and swallowing? The answer is no. Marijuana has to be heated and combined with a fatty substance (like butter) and consumed orally for any effect. Go ahead. Try it yourself. You'll just end up with a mouthful of stems and nothing to show for it.

3. Weed and sex don't gelMany teen-focused public-service ads warning about the perils of weed focus on the fact that it makes you antisocial, unable to talk to members of the opposite sex, and an overall dud in the sack. But Canadian researchers performing the most applied-for case study ever (probably) found that more than half of participants who had sex while stoned reported it as more enjoyable than regular sex. But studies have shown that some people -- men, exclusively -- might have some trouble **ahem** rising to the occasion after smoking too much

.4. Marijuana is addictive This is an admittedly tough (and controversial) one. We all have the friend who "just can't function without weed, man!" But is there any real proof that it's actually addictive? Not really... or at least not in the way we commonly classify "addiction." Often, this kind of addiction is referred to as a "dependency," largely focusing on a mental attachment to the drug. People do get "addicted," technically, but a similar addiction could occur with chocolate, or driving race cars every weekend. A mental dependency has a lot to do with an individual's mental makeup and overall state of mind. So it's not fair to qualify marijuana as physiologically and inherently addictive like harder drugs (cocaine, heroin, etc.), even though some individuals can use marijuana with addict-like dependencies.Around 9% of people who use weed heavily will grow dependent in their lifetime, as opposed to 15% of heavy cocaine users and 24% of heroin users.

5. Quitting smoking is easyWhile there is no proof that marijuana is physically addictive (see above), anyone who has seen Half Baked knows that quitting pot can be a tall order for a heavy smoker. And it's not just about willpower. Frequent smokers -- like, very frequent smokers -- have reported withdrawal symptoms like irritability, insomnia, and appetite loss. While these pale in comparison to withdrawal experiences from other drugs, they're still worth noting. Generally, though, casual smokers should have nothing to worry about if they stop smoking cold turkey. Except not finding Family Guy funny anymore, which will probably happen.George Washington PUBLIC DOMAIN/WIKIMEDIA

6. George Washington grew weed in his backyardI'm sorry to disappoint, Dazed and Confused fans, but the father of our country grew hemp, not weed. There is a difference. And he only did it because he thought it would be super-lucrative (it wasn't).

7. Smoking pot is worse for your lungs than cigarettesDespite having some similar components, a large-scale national study showed that smoke from Mary Jane was less harmful than the chemical concoctions you find in your average cigarette. Not only that, but the consumption rate of the two drugs is strikingly different. While an average cigarette smoker would be likely to puff a pack a day, an average daily pot smoker probably wouldn't be toking 20 joints per 24 hours. That's like, beyond Snoop territory.

8. Marijuana impacts your memoriesIt's no secret that marijuana alters your short-term memory... we were literally just talking about that (just kidding). But surprisingly, it's been shown that using weed doesn't affect your existing memories, nor does it cause long-term memory loss or diseases like dementia. Who needs short-term memories anyway? Just tie your car keys/cellphone/wallet/lighter to your belt and call it a day.

 9. The munchies and the giggles aren't realTwo common reactions to smoking marijuana are: laughing at everything and getting really, really into eating food. I call it "Seth Rogen Syndrome." While some may claim this is just a pot stereotype or a self-fulfilling exaggeration, there's actual science behind both claims. Studies have shown that marijuana increases senses like taste and scent, literally making food taste better. As far as a heightened tendency to laugh goes, marijuana is known to elevate and isolate your perception, as well as provide a heightened level of confusion, which some researchers believe leads to a more jolly mood. Which naturally leads to barrels of laughs, all around.