Not to long the not so distance past , ok, when NYC was still the mecca for new music first, I can rememeber when the record company promo and mixshow dept and East Coast DJ's HATED....I mean HATED anything that sparked from the South. Now mind you this was between 97 and 2001. Jay Z's Just Wanna Love you...50's In The Club.....BIG records were still coming out of NY. Loud (home of the WU, Mobb Deep, MOP) and Steve Rifkind took a chance and signed 3-6 Mafia.

This deal was probably the biggest power move since Outkast Aqumeni making onto East Coast Radio stations and onto mixshow playlists. There had been a few records here and there out of the South, but this was the barrier buster. Luda followed with the guidance and leadership of Sean Taylor...ATL, then NY, then Def Jam....then TVT (an independent) with Lil Jon, and even Koch with Ying Yang Twins. It'san interesting chain of events that migrated SOuth to Northeast.

Now NYC is making South records and has been. Dipset's sound was oddly similar to what we liked in the South and I think everyone caught wind of it. THere is no more East vs South and some of our favorite producers have taken advantage of that as well like Swiss. Now coastal records start whever thanks to the internet.


There is a large majority of East Coast artists that only get on when its a record with a down south artists. (see Juelz Santana or Fab). Respect to all of those guys who now work BIG Hip-Hop records in promotions , its just still funny to see an email from someone sitting in a Manahattan office space pushing Rich Homie Quan