I Worked Hard For This Title! Since I Started To Dj I'Ve Always Wanted To Be Down With The Heavy Hitters And Look It Finally Happen!! I'M So Happy So Honored To Be Apart Of A Brand That'S World Wide W/ Powerful Djs. To Be Recognize By The M...Ost Influential And Well Known Djs On The Planet And Look Now I'M One Of Them!! God Is Good!! I'M Going To Continue To Rep My Home Town Memphis, Tn Everywhere I Go. I Could Keep Writing For Days But I'M In Tears Of Joy As I Write This. I Would Have Never Thought This Would Happen. I'Ve Been Grinding For So Long! I'Ve Slept In My Van Cause I Had No Where Else To Stay, I'Ve Walk To Work Djs And Promoters Honking And Rolling By, I'Ve Took Taxi Cabs To My Gigs, I'Ve Been Girding For A Looooong Time And Like They Say Hard Work Pays Of!! Many Are Called Few Are Chosen: The Few The Proud #Heavyhitters