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The attention has not gone unnoticed by the police, who reminded the public that he was a “convicted felon”.

ABC’s News 10 channel managed to interview him in prison, where he was awaiting his next hearing.

“I appreciate [the attention] but I just want them to know that this is really not me,” he said. “I'm not some kingpin.”

Meeks, who has a wife and son, has served years in prison for theft and was allegedly caught with a gun during an anti-gang operation involving the FBI on Thursday.


A statement from Stockton Police said he was stopped while driving a car with two passengers away from a house due to be searched.

It continued: “A search of the passenger compartment yielded a 9mm round of ammunition and a small amount of what is believed to be marijuana.

“A search of the trunk located an unregistered and loaded Springfield Armory .45 caliber XD(M) semi-automatic handgun along with two extended magazines for the firearm.”

Jeremy Meeks,the family man: