(TMZ) Romeo has some divorce advice for his mom -- if you want $67 million ... you need to earn it, and it starts with being a good mother.

Romeo opened up last night about his mom and dad ... Sonya Miller and Master P's split -- and her legal demand for a chunk of his empire ... telling us, "Honestly, I love my mom to death, but I mean -- we gotta just work out some things. She gotta be a better parent, y'know."

It sounds like he's referring to Master P's allegations that Sonya is smoking marijuana around their children ... which she's denied.

What's interesting is Sonya's been living WITH Romeo, but watch the clip -- he's backing dad in this divorce.

 Master P's estranged wife wants a $67 million parting gift from her marriage -- claiming she deserves a HUGE chunk of the rapper's empire ... which includes a small city worth of properties, a fleet of expensive cars, and more.

Sonya Miller just filed legal docs in the couple's bitter divorce, estimating the total value of community assets from the marriage at $178,743,300 -- including 31 properties, 13 cars, 45 companies, and other stuff. She wants nearly 40% of everything.

According to the docs, the real estate properties are spread across Cali, Louisiana, Texas, Tennessee, and Georgia -- she wants eight of them. She also wants one of their three large chandeliers (valued around $300,000 a pop).