Escobar Season Is Back...

Joined maybe 1000 of Nas closest friends , taste makers and music aficionados under the Queens Bridge to hear the new 7 cut album first . No seriously ...NYers couldn’t imagine ever having an event under the Queens Bridge just a stones throw from high rise QB Projects . “You see there’s QB and there’s Queens “ jokingly DJ Clue tells me. As Queens residents quickly make that distinction . Queens has had a big gentrification project on that side of the river for years it seems . Quirky bars and dives on every block. Hard to believe that they put this together in 24 hours ....originally the idea was to shut down the bridge , but that idea was shut down on Thursday night .Think of it like the are of rocks under the Hernardo (M) Desktop Bridge . Like the area on the north side ofMud island . Industrial and used for some sort of city storage . I think there were more cops than listeners . Barricades blocked streets and wrist bands were provided as you walked through metal detectors and the presence of army trucks and H1 Hunmers all green and military tents . Of course in true NY event fashion a little elbowing and jawing to get through but nothing an OG from Memphis can’t endure . Jokingly it reminded me from the scene from Scarface “tell’em you work sanitation” and the refugee camps of South  Florida and Cuban political prisoners . Early arrivers were treated to the new line of Nas Merch , construction Orange hoodies , Black and Tan tees and hats . Resemblance of the Kanye Wyoming line . I didn’t arrive in time ...dope new Nas logo No alcohol was on premises which made it a little strange but one of the stipulations by the city of NY and an 11p curfew . As a massive sound system reminiscent of a Jamaican sound system just 2018’s version was seen in the distance closer to the Hudson River on the rocks almost at waters edge ,But music yet A large white almost dance floor surrounded by this 8 sides sound system and a tent manned by audio engineers . Bloggers and live stream cameras were set as a Rolls Royce Drop Head and Bentley arrive through the gates . Sprint trucks and yells of celebration as the honored guest arrived There’s no music playing until the album is previewed . Almost as a celebration and homecoming of old friends . Wale , 2 Chainz, Fabolous , new NY legend Cassanova , Pusha T of course  old record label friends were all waiting to see what would happen .Nas and friends transferred to the hummers and moved toward the river and rocks , as hundreds marched behind him almost as a QB motorcade. Kanye , Kim and LaLa as screams emerge and the first note of the intro drop ....”Esco season has returned “  heads nod as the lights poke through the clouds of weed smoke and suddenly the music stops4 bars in . Kanye barks  “turn that shit up! It’s not loud enough”! The music starts back as the makeshift mosh pit grows with more energy .I turn around as chris rocks behind me nodding his head with me and dap him up . No pictures... just a celebration as one of our Hiphop Hero’s is back with a bag of substance . Track 2, a Richard Pryor bit and an uptempo banger #3 with a slick rick sample . This is my favorite so far. Kanye’s sample chopping is back and almost as he did produce these for what he knows a Nas album needs . Dope samples on #4 and launches into a lengthy track #5  the album ....7 tracks deep as Kanye’s , Pusha and Cudi’s all are . The album plays twice and the crowd disperses 11:15ish and people are still lined up the green makeshift tarped walls as if it’s the late night 2:00 a crowd at the club looking for a glimpse of EscobarI gotta listen in my car to fully hear the lyrics and I know for sure it’s a must have . I think Kanye has challenged himself and Def Jams travel Dept is way over budget . I’m interested to see where Teyanna Taylor will have her listening party   


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