BEats has dropped new heat today ...Like as in Sept 5th ...they  allows you to enjoy everyday activities with their new and proprietary Pure Adaptive Noise Canceling (Pure ANC) technology. It promises to allow you to hear more of sounds you want and less of the distractions around you, basically a New Yorker’s dream. Even with the Pure ANC turned off, the Studio3 will deliver 40 hours of nonstop playback without sacrificing audio quality.

The Studio3 also will be using Apple’s powerful W1 chip, which means iPhone users will enjoy proximity pairing,seemless switching between Apple devices, amazing battery life (22 hours of playback) and fast fuel charging. Once you plug in your headphones you can expect up to 3 hours of playback with just 10 minutes of charging.

The Studio3 will also utilize Class 1 Bluetooth that will provide optimal connectivity promising you fewer drop-outs and extended range from your iOS or Android device. The multi-function on-ear controls and the built-in microphone allow you to do it all like make calls, skip songs, control the  volume and use Siri without taking off the headphones.

Beats By Dre President, Luke Wood had this to say about Beats latest new headphones:

The Studio3 will be featured in a new range of colors: Matte Black, White, Blue and Red as well as two special edition colors Porcelain Rose and Shadow Gray.  Right in time for the Holidays Right! But the battery life is what Im talking about