Ive got a really bad idea. Start this again this year and you're sure to get your ass kicked....especially with 'IT" dropping last week. 

The infamous  clown named Pennywise, the warped clown is an iconic horror character who terrified a generation of kids when the original film was released.

And now It is back, there's a whole new generation of viewers just waiting to develop their own fear of clowns.

In fact, it turns out that red-haired murderer Pennywise has already started to become a bit too real for some people.

That's because a handful of jokers have decided that the horror film would be more enjoyable to watch if they went along to the cinema in full clown gear.

Naturally, this has led to some terrifying encounters in dark cinemas, where It fans have unexpectedly come face-to-face with the nightmare villain.

Taking to Twitter, a man going by the name of Chris spooked out fellow horror fanatics when he shared a picture of what was waiting for him inside the cinema.