Karen Goes Viral After Calling Movers "Monkeys" For Parking Next To Her

Here we go again! A woman in San Rafael Ca, has gone viral after a Tiktok video shows the woman yelling racist comments at a man for parking his truck next to her car.

Tik Toker VVSNOSI wrote: “Sad to say that there are still people out here like this,” while hashtagging Bay Area and San Rafael.

The video shows the woman was angry because of where they parked the moving truck yelling “She can't get out, can she? Monkey” The woman then doubled down yelling at the mover “What’s wrong with you?” The man recording wasn't taking her anger seriously as he is heard joking and laughing at her expense as he walks away from her. She proceeded to follow him calling him "garbage man" and then finally she called him “Ese,” as she ordered him to “Move the truck.”

Instead of simply asking the men nicely to move their car, the woman immediately chose racist language like "monkey" and "ese." She was instantly dubbed a "Karen" in the video which now has more than 1.7 million views and 4k comments.

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