Happy Bday "Street's Is Watching"..Top 10 Movies?

Wow! Rocafella CLassic movie "Streets is Watching" tunrs 20 today. From the days of 2 way pagers and butter soft Avarex leathers is one of my favorite pieces of Hip-Hop Nostalgia...Pre Ace of Spade. The beautiful thing about this movie is it's a musical. A sewn together plot with performances of Roc classics from Hov and Crew. I have always put SIW in my top 5 Hip-Hop Movies of All time around the same time as Baller Blocking (THe Cash Money Movie 2000) and 3-6 Mafia's (Choices). "Streets'started atrend of movie making straight to DVD...."Street's" is now available on TIDAL to stream for Free. I'd encourage you to watch if you never have. Here's a list of My Top 10 Hip-Hop Movies of All Time:

11) Krush Groove - Classic..I know suppose to be Top 10, true look at NYC and birth of Def Jam Records in 80's originally run for the dorm room. Beasties, Run DMC, LL, Shelia E plenty of Cameos from 84

10) Hustle & Flow (cant not make top 10 with Boogaloo in it and scenes of terrible Memphis accents "Mannne" Thanks Terrance Howward...

9) Choices (3-6 Movie) One of the best pieces of action filmed in Memphis Streets from Paul and Juicy, plenty of cameo's through the city. 

8) 8 Mile (Eminem) a true look at the D for most of us from other sides of the country never knew the rap scene and culture, Sway and the inside look at Shady's upcoming...PLus we never would've known the name Cheddar Bob

7) Juice - Where we see a true DJ battle, a street tied in drama that was done really well from several friends perspective including Tupac in 1992. SOme say his "Bishop" character was the beginning of his change of personality...does art reflect real life??

6) Streets is Watching - Jay and Dame's street opera set to the classic Rocafella Soundtrack. 

5) Above the Rim - Did You know written by Jeff Pollack...writter of Fresh Prince and a lot of work from Benny Medina. Pac here again and one of the DOPEST Summer soundtracks of the 90's. Including Sweet Sable's "I know A Place". Plenty of young actors and actresses Duane Martin, Marlon Wayan's,Wood Harris

4 ) Get Rich Or Die Trying- 50's masterpiece of the come up loosely based on his younger years. Terrance Howard , a young Joy Bryant as his girl Charlene and used the same template as 8 Mile to take this on to my Top 5 no doubt

3)  Belly - There are three DVDs ayoungman had to won when he first bout a DVD player. Scarface, Gooodfellas, and Belly. This action film was visually ground breaking with Hype Williams 1st movie attempt with Nas, Meth, DMX, the classic Baby Mama Taral Hicks "Kisha" T-Boz Lennox reggae legend Louis Rankin (follow him on IG....) great story and plenty of quotable's . Opening scene is The Tunnel former club in NYC

2) Straight Out of Compton - Finally a look at the rise and fall of NWA, Eric Eazy Wright , Dre , Cube and Yella. This is top 3 for me as bringing their music and such a huge part of late 90's West Coast culture to life in true color

1) Beat Street - I know...I know.....Im a hi-hop purist. A real llok from 84 and must see for any hip-hop junkie, I have a copy at home and in my office. hip hop culture of the early 1980s, breakdancing, DJ-ing and graffiti partially written by Harry Belifonte' Im a sucker for 80's hip-hop. Not a bad story line and subplots of the younger brother, the DJ and the artist.

(Notables Wildstyle.....Paid In Fulll Krush Groove and New Jack City) all could easily be put into the Top 10, but then again these are mine. THe criteria I used were more influential stories that moved Hip-Hop Clture not necessarily we're just movies. New Jack City's a firm candidate for Top5 with the actors, soundtrack and Quotes...as well as PIF. WIldstyle is a true Hip-Hop Movie circa 82 . Krush Groove although one of my favorites , just couldnt sneak it into the Top 10 . Early DMC a young Russell and Rick Ruben, with Fat Boys and LL

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