Post Malone Can't Win in Botched Home Invasion

Near death plane  emergencies, Rolls Royce Car accidents...and now a botched home invasion...of Post doesn't live here anymore.....Maybe this guy needs to change something in his life. 

3 male suspects smashed a front window a little after midnight on September 1 and entered the San Fernando Valley house. The person who NOW lives there was pistol whipped

Eyewitnesses say one of the men was yelling “Where’s Post Malone?!” … before stealing a bunch of cash, jewelry and cell phones … about $20k worth. Obviously he was being searched out and this was planned months in advance. The owners of the home have no relations to Post Malone.

Others in the area have been robbed like Rae Sremmurd the same weekend for a safe

Keep your had on a swivel and if you post form home, may want to turn off those notifications. Post from vacations, after the vacation 

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