Just Because a name is on it, doesn't make it real

Memphis has been crowned one of the top 5 bootleg cities in America

Yes its true and like an FBI agent once told me after I bought a stolen Rolex (Which I didn't know had been stolen) when I was 20 'If its too good to be true...it probably is or its fake". Insert 2019 and Balenciaga dresse and LV purses from the corner beauty shop and boutique. They don't sell high fashion where you get your lashes minked up by the way. With manufacturing becoming easier, and fakes becoming hard to spot...be weary of barbershop hookups because they aren't real. Social Media has also created easire opportunities to bootleg merchandise and scam. I've ordered a coat , that took 8 weeks to get here from guess where.........China of course. Yes it looked like the one I saw the picture of, but was made a lot cheaper, and not high quality. Watch out for companies with similar products and same pictures and by all means invetigate to see where its really coming from. Starting your own "online boutique....ie hustle" is as easy as customizing a little bit from bags to tags and not hard to do...Not knocking the hustle...Im knocking quality. Here are some other alternatives

- Tradesy - the online app gently used EVERYTHING from bags, to dresses , mens shoes and high end brands for a percentage less.

- Poshmark - is the same type of site and you can find all kinds of luxury goods at a gently used price and you know where it came from

-Vinted - Also a good one but pushes offers to you in what they call "pre-loved" clothing

Buying pre-loved is not a bad thing. I have a Louis Vuitton shave travel bag. Yes, the one that's always $1300 new and I didnt pay $1300. I got it for almost half price and it had been used maybe once. I mean...Im gonna stick it my bag with cologne and toothpaste. I always wanted one, and know its loved again. Good luck , and lets get Memphis off the list


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