Kanye's Yeezy Boasts $2M from Gov PPP for Struggling SMALL business


Ahhh Yess.... the American dream tha tis Kanye West. Lets put his music aside for a moment. Let's stash away the old Kanye , your know Late Registration Kanye

SO the Hollywood Reporter has published an online article that Kanys' Yeezy company stashed away $2 in PPP, small loan, recovery money. Money that was positioned t save the samll guy. Money meant o rescue the smalll guy who is struggling. I know people who own businesses that are shutting their doors who "didnt qualify". I know businesses who have had to lay off workers because curbside isnt doing it. Yeezy was on track to generate $1.3 billion of shoe revenue in 2019, a 50% increase from a year earlier, according to Bank of America. West would earn $147 million in royalties from those sales.Apr 24, 2020 (Bloomberg)

If this is struggling somebody point me in THAT direction. This is the same guy who last weekend decided he's running for POTUS. Taken back, nah... arrogant and Republican... absolutely. Yeah, I know Shake Shack gave their money back and Ruth got 10 Million , but I think this stings a little more that this is a man from the South Side of Chicago that expect more from . We expect the JESUS way from Kanye and Im not sure this is what he would have done. Kanye congratulated his wife as becoming a billionaire just last week .An amazing feat of hard work and sacrifice. The same hard work that small black owned sandwich shop cant pay their mortgage, or their light bill this month because of COVID 19. Where is Kanye to give that Money directly to 20 small business owners to save their livelihoods? Save their families and maybe a generation of small business owners. That's what I would do... Then again, I'm not running for POTUS, and that's what he would do. The American thing. Hide tax reports, protect the wealthy and your piece of the pie...Just like 45 has shown us.My point in this is to look at this guys character. He's not the Old Kanye. Sure he's doing a deal with Gap, but his vote is a vote for the last 4 years. Its the same song and dance. Be aware "In selfish men, caution is as secure an armour for their foes as for themselves". Let me put these Yeezy's back in the box until this is over.... As a man who's mother passed away 16 years ago. As a man who watched his Mother Die ... I wonder what his Mother would think?

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