Roddy Ricch Wants Los Angeles To 'Do Better' Following PnB Rock's Death

Roddy Ricch

Photo: Getty Images

Like so many other people in the U.S., Roddy Ricch is sick of all the senseless gun violence that's claiming too many lives in the music industry and beyond.

On Tuesday, September 20, the "Ballin'" rapper took to his Instagram Story to speak on the unimaginable violence that continues to plague the country, including his hometown. After mourning the loss of PnB Rock, Roddy Ricch says people "gotta do better" before there's "nobody left to take from or kill."

“LA! Usually I try to mind my business and let the world rotate but we gotta do better,” he began.

“It’s too much senseless violence," he continued. "Too much opportunity and motivation to take things other people work hard for. It’s too much life to live to take someone else’s life away. I love my city but we can’t keep going out like this. Before you know it, it’ll be nobody left to take from or kill.”

Roddy Ricch could also be referring to the overwhelming accounts of deadly violence and robberies that have taken place in his city in recent months. Violent criminals were responsible for taking the lives of PnB Rock and Drakeo The Ruler, who died after he was stabbed in the neck last December. Meanwhile, vicious thieves have killed others like Pop Smoke and targeted rappers like Tee Grizzley and Sauce Walka.

“Let’s stay on point stay aware and find better ways to pursue our dreams because this shit turning into ALL NIGHTMARES," Ricch concluded.

Listen to what The Breakfast Club had to say about the situation above.

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