Daughter of Lombardi Trophy Designer Wants an Apology from Tom Brady

I've said many times before, that Tipsy Tom Brady looks like a vibe. During regular season, I really don't root for him, but on a boat, tipsy in some Chubby's; sure Tom. The San Mateo is really coming out.

It's only been just barely a week, and Tom Brady is already in some trouble with the NFL, again.

Just this week, the former New England Patriot, now Tampa Bay Buccaneer winning QB, Tom Brady celebrated with his teammates and the city of Tampa with their Tampa Bay style Victory parade let in the actual bay of Tampa, on boats.

A video went viral of Brady throwing the Lombardi trophy to his teammates on other boats (since it's his seventh win, and I'm sure he's familiar with what it feels like.)

I mean, if anything, a throw from Tom Brady should be money, right? He won seven of these championships - based on the accuracy of his throws alone, correct?

But one person isn't so happy from his cheer - that is the daughter of the Lombardi NFL Trophy designer, Greg Gohs. His daughter Lorraine Grohs wants Brady to apologize for disrespecting her father's artwork.

Grohs told Fox 4: “It just upset me that this trophy was disgraced and disrespected by being thrown as if it was a real football."

In the era of a panoramic, my two cents:

  1. Lorraine, there's a whole panoramic going on outside,
  2. Who's going to tell her about this?

Yes, she went to the news, for this story.