Tory Lanez & Chris Brown Announce Joint Album

I can hear the puns already coming, but I myself am side-eyeing this choice of collaborators given their colorful past. With Tory, it's his most recent open case involving a shooting with Megan thee Stallion as victim that took place July 2020. And with Brown, it's notoriously his fight with Rihanna before a Grammy's party in 2009.

I won't say any puns, I'll let twitter do it for me.

But keeping an objective stance - this is just an.. interesting time and duo to drop an album together.

During his virtual concert on Saturday, he also announced features with DaBaby and Yung Bleu are forthcoming, but that we're getting what could be an R&B classic, despite the controversies surrounding both singers.

So the question is; will you even listen?

Is this a good idea?