Drake Rented Out Entire Dodger Stadium For Romantic Date

Champagne papi, wheelchair jimmy, Aubrey Graham - whatever you want to call him - is putting pressure on these boyfriends and husbands out here. We obviously know Drake is in a stratosphere tax bracket, but it looks like if he's going to romance and wine and dine a woman, the usual chain steak restaurant just isn't going to do it.

In a very coincidental series of events, a Los Angeles based helicopter reporter hovered over L.A. Dodger stadium and saw what looks like Drake wining and dining a woman on the field.

I guess we've seen this before, circa Kanye West's proposal to Kim Kardashian, when he also rented out an entire stadium for the big question.

A lot of fans on Twitter are alleging this to be Amari Bailey's mother. Aka, one of Lebron James' sons teammates - in high school. Ladies, if you dated Drake, is this the type of romance you'd like? Or do you think he needs to be more lowkey?

Does it look like her?

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