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You Need Dis: My Hip Hop Valentine's Day Playlist

Hip Hop love songs is not a genre...but it should be. Here's some of my personal faves; artists who genuinely speak on love, relationships and even heartbreak. There'll also be a lot of throwbacks, cause hey a classic is a classic. Let's get it started with my latest obsession, Anderson .Paak featuring The Game, 'Room in Here'.

Moving on to an all-time classic...Meth and Mary channeling Marvin Gaye and Tammy Terrell....

Next up: Papoose (who's love for wifey Remy is well documented...held it down during her entire bid) "Black Love"

My inner Virgo neat freak loves J.Cole for taking something off the plate of his girl who's expecting.

DMX? Love Song? I know right...yes, he's crazy disrespectful with his language, but it really comes across as D trying to keep some pride knowing he's in love with someone else's woman.

On to the Lost Boyz, who address the courtship, relationship and loss of a loved one.

Another classic from A Tribe Called Quest, who are just trying to dodge the friend zone...

On to Ghostface with help from Estelle and Vaughn Anthony....if you've never heard the Ghostdini album, definitely worth checking out for the storytelling alone. Here, Ghost falls in love at first sight with a woman who can never be his. 

Heads up: mandatory stan post. Drunk in Love makes the list for everyone who goes hard with bae when it's time to step out for the night. 

And finally, you can't get more spot on today, then Andre 3000's 'Happy Valentine's Day'. What would make your list?

Yeah, yeah...I know, why isn't there a Drake song on the list? Because I would have posted a quarter of his discography, so.... here.

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