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Jonathan Greenblatt Talks Fighting Anti-Semitism, Ye , Kyrie Irving & ADL!

The CEO of the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) Johnathan Greenblatt came through to The Breakfast Club to help all understand the viewpoints of the Jewish Community.  This organization began in the early 1900’s once a Jewish man was lynched due to his religious affiliation. " ADL is founded with the clear understanding that the fight against one form of prejudice cannot succeed without battling prejudice in all forms.” -ADL. The ADL is not limited to the protecting the Jewish Community but also the LGBTQA, Black Communities, and any community that experience any form of prejudice. 

We had to ask that the hard ball questions to understand how to identify antisemitism. “We've been fighting hate for again over almost 110 years and Facebook is the front line the fight. Social media is a super spreader of Anti-Black racism, Anti-Jewish, Anti-Asian, etc.” – Johnathan Greenblatt

In this interview we discuss how to combat  hate speech, Dave Chappelle, Kyrie Irving, and so much more. Johnathan does a phenomenal job of explaining the positioning of Jewish people in today’s climate. Check out the full interview above to take a dive deep into the conversation of addressing the rhetoric.

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