CA Woman Racist Tirade Attacking Latino Cop Over Traffic Stop Caught On Vid

Imagine how privileged you have to assume you are in order to begin verbally attacking this man because YOU broke the law? Body-camera footage if a LA County deputy has gone viral after he was subjected to a vicious, unnecessary racist attack from a woman he had pulled over for driving and using her cell phone. The woman immediately starts calling the deputy a "murderer."

She then tries to qualify herself by saying "and i'm a teacher, and your a murderer." She then unbelievably upped the ante by calling the deputy a "Mexican racist...Your always going to be a Mexican, You'll never be white... you know that right? Which is what you really want to be."

The woman then went to file a complaint against the deputy. Allegedly, she has a history of filing false complaints against deputies. Thankfully, the deputy captured the exchange on his body camera which ironically, he purchased with his own money to protect himself. Looks like it paid off as he needed it to protect himself against her!

WTF! Check out the entire exchange below.