Kanye West Shares Photo Of Dire Living Space At $1 Million/Day MB Stadium

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Photo: Getty Images North America

Kanye West made sure to let fans know he is fully focused on finishing his album. So much so Kanye confirmed for fans via Instagram he is indeed seemingly living at Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta, since Kanye hosted his "Donda" listening party last Thursday.

Via a post to Instagram, Kanye shared a photo with no caption that appeared to show a room at MB stadium equipped with the bare minimum!

In the photo, Kanye seems to be living out of his suitcase with a bed on the floor, a bottle of water sitting on a makeshift nightstand, and a television. TMZ reported Kanye has been living at the stadium yet did have a professional chef on-site.

The Jasmine Brand reported that Kanye was allegedly paying a whopping $1 MILLION per day to continue living at the stadium! Maybe Apple is forking up the cost for Kanye to finish his album given the records he broke streaming his album listening party!

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