Roddy Ricch Goes OFF On Dude After Fake Crip Claim, Wack 100 Calls Dude Out

BET Awards 2021 - Arrivals

Photo: Getty Images North America

Roddy Ricch isn't one to speak much. Yet, after being accused of "false flagging" or being a fake crip and not being from the hood, Roddy Ricch jumped on Clubhouse for the first time to just to call cap!

Roddy went OFF on a Crip letting dude know he's focused on "making Forbes list" and still taking care of the hood, "paying for lawyers," putting food in the hood, etc. He goes on to say the same people he came up with are still with him! He then points out how dude is a hater who's "never touched a million dollars" so you can't speak on his business or how he should move.

Wack then went on to check dude who tried to say Roddy was "fake flagging" after stating dude didn't have the same energy when Roddy was on the app. He then went on to call out how much Roddy has helped people from their hood. Check out all the drama below,.

In my opinion, Roddy should continue to move how he has and let the

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